Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Software lets you edit faster with true native format support get 
breakthrough performance on workstations and laptops streamline collaboration and boost 
productivity with an efficient robust cross platform editing workflow.

Enhanced Performance 
The improved performance comes courtesy of Adobe's Mercury Playback Engine. Which was 
devised for CS5 from the ground up to take advantage of 64 bit processors. Because most of 
taks in premiere can take a long time (especially if you are adding lots of effects or 
rendering a long movie) this alone can be a tremendous time saver. The revamp also means 
that you can do real time HD chroma keying with the include Ultra keyer which is optimized 
to tackle real world green screen conditions and capable of complex keys on smoke liquids 
and transparent objects.
if You are using computer with a 32-bit CPU operating system, however, your system will be 
unable to run premier Pro CS5. Adobe claims to have conducted research and discovered that 
very few existing customers would be affected one of that underpowered minority looking to 
drive prmiere Pro CS5. you will need to factor a new system or at least through upgrade of 
certain components into the purchase price alternately. if you are using a 32 bit version 
of windows and purchased a copy of CS5 Master collection of CS5 Production Premium. Adobe 
includes a copy of premiere Pro CS4 which is compatible with 32-bit systems.
Like its CS4 predecessor, Premiere Pro CS5 supports hardware acceleration which can 
enerize effects processing even more. but there is an even touchier caveat here. whereas 
CS4 supported a rang of video chipsets from both Nvidia ATI, the new Mercury Playback 
Engine was Programmed to work exclusively with Nvidia's CUDA technology.As thing writing 
the full list of supported video cards includes the Geforce GTX 470 and 480 but has 
offered no information yet about their compatibility. owner of even the most powerful new 
AMD cards. Whether the consumer dual GPU Radeon HD 5970 or the workstation firepro models, 
are entirely out of luck.

New Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Features:
But even users of unsupported video cards will benefit from some of premiere Pro CS5 
changes just because youare not running on the supported cards does not mean you can't run 
CS5 if you are working on a really tough sequence. Such as one that users RED files or 
lots of effects, you can fake it by dialing down hte resoution to as much as one sixteenth 
during playback, so your computer can handle it. To make it easier to focus on individual 
moments. you can set the pause resolution to FULL to see the picture in all its detail 
even if your hardware gives you trouble watching it in motion. This is a thoughtful 
compromise that generally improves performance on slower or non workstation machines and 
is helpful enough to be worthy of celebration even by owner of faster computers.
Also introduced is support for many other kinds of standard and technologies. The software 
now recognizes Sony XDCAM HD 50, Panasonice AVCCAM, DPX and AVC Intra for tapeless 
recording as well as for additional support for certain D-SLRs from Canon Nikon and 
panasonic You can also now import RED files without transcoding them or installing other 
software. and a special source setting option for RED lets you tweak every aspect of the 
footage for individual or multiple clips. You can now open projects made in and share them 
between final cut pro and Avid video software.

Wondershare Photo Collage Studio Design your own photo collages with ease. Your 
sister is really fond of making collages with her photos, So she asked you about a program 
to create them on the PC, You can recommended wondershare photo collage sutdio right away. 
This complete applicaiton enables yout create beautiful photo collages with almost no 
effort you can design them from scratch or use one of the many ready made templates 
included in wondershare photo collage studio not only collages but also for greeting 
cards, calenders posters and letters. 
Adding photos to yor collage is just a question of dragging and dropping the images onto 
the program's interface, through you can also use the embedded file manager to browser to 
the folder where your photos are stored wondershare photo collage studio also lets youedit 
the images yo use but not with editing tools, instead what the program does is provide you 
with a selection of frames, masks and filters with which you can modify the photo's 
Wondershare photo collage studio features a hundred clipart graphics and stamps to 
decorate your collage, as well as offering the possibility to create your own decorative 
elements with the program's built in simple editor and add them to the collage straight 
away.Generally speaking wondershare photo collage studio is an excellent photo collage 
creation tool that will please all scapbooking fans, but there are some tiny issues that 
could be fixed to make it even a better app. it would be nice, for example to be able to 
resize the images rather than just panning and zooming them. wondershare photo collage 
studio also misses full featured editing tools and better tools for creating decorations. 
If youlike creating collages and scrapbooks with scissors and glue. you can now take your 
hobby into the digital realm with wondershare photo collage studio.

  • Great tool for photo collages
  • Easy to use drag and drop
  • Loaders of ready made material templates clipart photo filters,etc.
  • No resizing tool
  • Photo edition tools are limited to frames and filters
  • Basic clipart editor


Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 Make Hollywood Style movies faster and easier Import and edit HD and Stereoscopoc 3D files. use composing and color correction tools, apply 5.1 surround sound mixing and more Deliver your movies any way you want. Upload them to YouTube and Pixelcast a new website form Sony for sharing and collaboration. burn them to blu-ray Disc. or author DVDs with custom menu and graphics. with its inviting interface intuitive workflow, and impressive editing tools, movie studio platinum puts professional grade movie making at your fingertips.

Capture the Action
You have shot video on your handycam, Action Cam, and phone and now you want to bring all the clips together and make a movie easy import multiple files types into movie studio platinum studio platinum and edit them on the same timeline. Sort the imported clips to decide which work in your project.

New ways to share:
Publish movie to pixelcast without ever leaving the application construct a video or slideshow of your vacation, a fmily event, or a get together with friends. Then send a link to others to check out your experience or invite them to collaborate by uploading photos and video of their own.

Easy Project creation
Start your project out right. Use the New Project dialog to ensure that each project is setup with the exact setting you need to produce stunning movies, every time select the option that best matches your video (AVCHD, Blu-ray Disc, stereoscopic 3D, and more) and Movie Studio sets your Project Properties for you.

Sound and Titles:

Round out your movie with exciting sound tracks and beautiful titles. Import your own music form CD or MP3, record instruments directly into the program or select form the 20 included Sony sound series Production Music audio files to create the perfect music be. The choice is yours.Animate text in your movies with the Titles and Text tool.

UP the Excitment:
Boost colors, apply slow motion, or add other effects to enhance any video project Add effects to an entire track or to individual events, and view your changes instantly in the Preview windows.

Transitions and Dissolves
From standard dissolves to sensational 3D, add artistic style between scenes with video transitions. change the duration of each transition with a simple drag of the video or audio event.

Build Something Great:
Add up to 20 video and 20 audio tracks to each movie studio platinum project create a movie with multiple video layers for composing or picture in picture style scenes. you can also record multi track audio directly into the program to create the perfect atmospheric soundtrack.

  • System = Pentium D CPU 3.0 GHZ
  • RAM= 2GB
  • Size = 141 MB
  • OS= Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8


CorelDraw X4 lets you takle creative graphics and design projects with confidence. Presicision tools, market leading file compatibility and high quality content help you turn your creative ideas into Professional results Corel Draw X4 has been release and we are happy to announce many new features are particulary helpful to the engraving community.
  • Here we will highlight some of these exciting features that have been added to this commonly used software.
  • New integrated web applications with CorelDraw X4 Concept Share and what the font will optimize your workflow
  • New seprated layers per page make it easier to create multiple page layout within one document.
  • New live formatting lets you Preview changes before applying.
CorelDraw X4 on DVD when you purchase X4 it will be delivered to you in DVD format. For those of you with only a CD on your computer you will not be able to install X4 but dont worry you can buy an external USB DVD player at almost any electronics store. simply plug it in and you are ready to install X4.Mirror paragraph text finally you can now mirror paragraph text in CorelDraw X4. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you have ever tried to setup a lot of text for an odd shapped acrylic award. You have been frustrated when you get it all setup it turns to gibberish when you are mirrored it in earlier version of Corel. with just a click of your mouse. mirroring paragraph text now works just like you have wanted it to for years.
Straighten image is that bitmap you are trying to use slightly askew or even way off. Not to worry this new features will help you get it all straightened out. your bitmap image anyway. This new features is one we have been wishing for years and its so easy to you that you are going to throw images into the scanner any old way so you can show every one how easily you can now straighten them.Corel Power Trace X4 Corel has added a new centerline. Trace features that adds flexibility and more accurate results to their already great raster to vector conversion tool. Live text formatting want can with the live text formatting option.Training videos want to learn more about ilustration or image editing or may be you want to brush uop on some of the fundamental corel features. what ever you want to learn X4 has two full hours of educational training videos both CorelDraw X4 and Corel paint X4. These helpful videos are sure to make the grade.Professionally designed templates having trouble getting started with a design the pros have supplied more than 80 design templates with notes to help you kick off any project.


Universal Drivers (100000) for all types of motherboards and devices. Contains an DVD images. Just Pop the Universal Driver CD or Select Driver folder and windows will automatically search the comprehensive drivers. Contains drivers for over 100,000 hardware components from brands such as DELL, HP,COMPAQ, IBM, SONY, TOSHIBA, PANASONIC, as well as hardware component manufacturers Intel, 3Com, VIA, nVidia, ATI, SoundMAX, and many more.....

  • Download Both files and Extract with WinRaR
  • Create New Folder 
  • Extract Both files in this folder 
  • Enjoy :-). 


Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 the program for designing your web as you want industry leading web tool that provides a robust and integrated solution to design develop and publish project for any screen size.with features like the new CSS designer Adobe Edge fonts (Served by Adobe Type-kit). JQuery Ul widget, easier HTML5 audio and video insection, and an Fluid Grid Layout interface, Web designers and developers can create web and mobile content faster than ever before.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 is a web design tool that will take easier the creation of your own webpage with a bit of help, you can try the free version or get the full one according to your preferences.

if your are found of Adobe software style you will find that this software is visually similar to its suite of applications. This is the proof of its philosophy once you know one program you may get used to the test of them because of its mechanics.

In this case, Dreamweaver keeps the same way of doing things. if you know nothing about web design it may result difficult but it is worthy tool.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Features

The Unique features of this web design tool are the following:

  • PHP CMS (Content Management System) Support
  • Live View Navigation to watch the design of your website By enabling Follow Links Continuously you can move through the page easily
  • Dynamically Related files options to update your pages and give easier access to files 
  • Inspect command tool that allows users to identify CSS
  • Enable and Disable CSS Properties
  • Adobe Browser Lab integration for testing how your page tools like on different browser and OS
  • Improved Subversion support to edit your files locally with the Revert option which correct your files.
  • Repository view to hide files you don't need to use
  • Improved PHP code hunting
  • Code Hints that Suit your websites structure
  • Update CSS starter layouts
  • Site Definition box enhanced with more details to add 
  • Adobe Business Catalyst extension
  • For further information about this tool, check the author.
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 offers all kind of tools to the users who want to start creating webpages. it is Valid for all kind of levels so try it out because it is suitable for you.


Adobe Premier Pro CS3 Video editor is that its windows vista compatible and for the first time in years, Mac compatible. Those updates apparently took, most of Adobe's effort however, because I identified some features that are either or not get fully developed Accepts HDV footage, as it did in the pervious version, but it still doesn't work with AVCHD (Advanced Video Codes High Definition) footage when some Adobe says it may add AVCHD support after this initial release of the software.

Adobe now bundles its Encore and the on Location application for setting up video shoots determining lighting, sound levels and so on. Encore adds support for flash output and for Blu-ray discs creating but shuns HD DVD, even though Adobe is a member of both disc formats supporting associations.

Dynamic Link, a big feature added versa, without rendering them first a huge time saver premiere pro has a Encore, so it doesn't seem that useful to me.

Adobe Premier Pro CS3 has a few small features that I did useful. A new Time Remapping function lets yuo implement slow motion (or fast motion) directly in the applicaiton's tiemline simply by dragging a line on the clip. Though it makes the task easier, you have to right Click and navigate a popup menu to tell premiere wha tyou want the line to do (the line also servers as an adjustment tool for other effects). It would be even better if youcould play your clip and adjust the playback speed in real time. As it stands, you must make the adjustment and then play the clip (and an slower machines you'll need to prerender before you can play the clip), and if it is not what to the clip either. You can now create and open multiple asset bins windows of video audio, and still image souce files. open a bin in new windows an dyou can drag and drop files into the order you want and then select which files to insert into a new video sequence with derault transitions automatically inserted plus you can now substitute clips in a timeline without having to reimplement existing transitions and effects you will render the effect again through).

Adobe Premier Pro remains the gold standard of video editors and i appreciate that Adobe bundles two applicaitons wiht it instead of making you buy its expensive suite (rechristened Production Premium CS3) to get them. But other elements of this year's suite such as soundbooth, an audio editing application that's designed for non prosare more compelling than Premiere Pro is on its own.